What Makes Magento The Best E-Commerce Platform? A Comparison of Different Open Source Shopping Carts with Magento

The trends in the business, selling, shopping, making online money, all have been changing rapidly and evolving. By now the word “Online” has penetrated almost everywhere. Online business has overtaken the traditional one. Customers as well as retailers feel easier to manage it that way.

If you are a retailer and you want to sell your products/services, shopping carts help you to create your own store and customize it for your ecommerce business. “Which would be the best shopping cart for my products and services?” Are you also stuck with the same confusion? Well, our suggestion is Magento. Why Magento? We are going to explain it here by comparing it with a few top rated open source shopping carts.

osCommerce vs. Magento

No doubt, osCommerce was once one of the best shopping carts but now its rivals have supplanted it. Just like the Internet Explorer, it is not so wanted these days as a number of different, unique and improved software are available in the market.

  • If you are an owner of a small business and looking for user-friendly and easier customization, Magento can help you and osCommerce would not be a wise choice.
  • osCommerce is not template driven. You may change the footer, header and column files but still it is not so quick and flexible. With Magento, such management is fast and easily controllable.
  • If you rely on the attributes of the cart system, osCommerce might disappoint you. There are a number of issues which come up with the default settings e.g. stock control and SKU which you may easily solve at Magento.

Zen Cart vs. Magento

Working with Zen Cart might require huge investments if you don’t have an access to a Zen Cart professional or you aren’t one yourself. It has also been superseded.

  • You are good with Zen Cart only if you have a sufficient budget for online store’s setting, a designer who could give that an attractive theme and the developer who could help you in the management of the system. With Magento, you don’t have to worry about such issues. You can control each of its aspects yourself especially the layout.
  • It is very hard to upgrade the Zen Cart versions. It is possible but gives you unwanted stress and consumes a lot of your time. With Magento, you would not expect such things coming up.
  • For Zen Cart, you have to have some know-how of PHP in order to do the customization. Magento does not ask for any such knowledge.

OpenCart vs. Magento

Opencart is simple to handle and good ecommerce software but there are a few things which you might consider while making a choice between the two.

  • While choosing, one must remember that OpenCart has not been fully developed yet whereas Magento is.
  • Security is everyone’s concern. If the ecommerce site is not secure enough to keep customers’ credit card details save or is not PCI DSS complaint, there are the chances for your business to get sued or fined. And since OpenCart is still at the initial stages of development, there are more risk factors and chances for your website to get hacked.

Specialists in this field have speculated that the old carts would soon get replaced with the newer ones which are much easier and flexible to handle. Magento is one of them. It is growing too fast and changing the general trends in the ecommerce industry. What can be best than quick updates and features of reliability. If you are a beginner, own a small business and want to have rich functionality and freedom regarding the creative modifications and customizationof your website, Magento and extensions for Magento can be very helpful for you!

Can You Promote Your Business When You Buy YouTube Views

Before we discuss about buying YouTube views, let me first acquaint you with the power of YouTube as a video marketing platform. By itself, YouTube is a very popular website about which almost everyone connected to the internet is aware of.

It has become a very useful tool for sharing and watching all sorts of videos, be it trailers of movies that are about to release, funny videos to make you laugh, or videos targeted towards promoting businesses directly or indirectly.

The fact that YouTube is a part of Google makes it important for both search engine strategists and social media marketing professionals. Even though there is no concrete proof about it, doing good on YouTube somehow influences your chances of success with the search engines, be it referral traffic or the ranks of your targeted keywords on search engine result pages.

How are YouTube views important?

buy youtube viewsThe number of views you fetch for your videos work towards adding authority to your profile. A high number of views improve the chances of your profile showing up on searches made for videos on YouTube, increasing your audience base.

So how do you make the best use of YouTube views and YouTube as a video marketing platform?

Designing your profile

Start with planning, designing and developing your YouTube profile. Be it the theme, the colours or the content, everything should be targeted to attract your specific group of consumers on YouTube. At the same time, your profile should be professional and of good quality. It is your profile that helps in creating an impression on your target audience.

The right videos

Develop videos targeted to gain more attention naturally. The videos need to be relevant to your business, but something that is bound to create an interest among your audience. Do not create a profile for the sole purpose of posting advertisements about your profile.

Develop videos that will create an interest and amuse your audience, who in turn will then share the videos with their friends to get you more viewers and subscriptions!

Correct promotion

You can definitely post advertisements on your profile, as long as you are doing so subtly. You may add one video to promote your products or services directly and then add a number of other videos that have higher chances of attracting new and returning viewers to your profile.


Make your videos interactive with the help on onscreen texts, highlights, labelling, annotations, etc. The more interactive are your videos, the better chances you have of gaining more views on YouTube.

Integrating and going viral

Integrate your YouTube channel with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. This helps in making your videos go viral over social media, fetching you a huge number of likes, shares, viewers and comments. All these add towards showing you better conversions.

Authentic likes

There are many online agencies that let you buy YouTube views to help promote your profile and videos. This can work wonders for your business if you ensure that the views you buy are coming from authentic and real profiles over YouTube.

Buying real views can be a great way to give your profile the initial boost it requires to show you popularity, conversions and add a high visibility to your YouTube profile!

Twitter Activities That Will Help You To Build Your Online Brand

In the world of SEO, today, your brand is more important than your keyword. This simply means that previously, adding the keyword to the domain name worked for most people. Now it doesn’t. Google is people oriented, and since people look for brands, so does Google. It makes sense, therefore, to establish you as a brand. Bear in mind, however, that a brand can also be your own name (and reputation).



If you are a reputed author, for example, your name or pen name can become a brand. What is important is that you should think of yourself as a brand, and not as an individual.

One more thing in this connection: Twitter is a social networking site, and you have to be social by all means. Even though we just advised you to not think of yourself as an individual, you should not lose sight of the fact that your brand must have a personality people can relate to. You cannot be an only business entity on social networks.


Depending upon the nature of your business, it is okay to make personal tweets – not like ‘I brushed my teeth this morning and felt so fresh’ (even if you sell toothpaste), but certainly, something along the lines of ‘It was a wonderful feeling to see John Smith this morning – he was with us from the very beginning’ should count. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when you are trying to build your brand online through Twitter.

Treat Twitter like Facebook:

We refer only to the part where you will add a very interesting image to your profile background – like a Facebook cover image. Apart from your logo (or even your mugs hot if you are promoting yourself as a brand), the background can be used to build credibility. The obvious thing that comes to mind is the ‘as seen on’ and ‘trusted / endorsed by’ images that one finds on business sites. You should really explore the many possibilities here.

It isn’t always about YOU:

If you keep tweeting about your business, people are going to lose interest in you. They may not consider you spammy, but certainly, you will become predictable. Surely, you can find things to share with your followers, which do not cost them money? Try and find those and other interesting stuff that people will eventually come to expect of you.

Brands and expectations:

Following from the earlier point, consistency is important. People don’t think of KFC when they have a burger pang (yes, we coined that just now). A brand is focused and people will think of it when thinking of certain products or services. Make your tweets – a portion of them – consistent in subject matter, and useful, so that people will want to check your tweet stream when they need something related to what you represent.

Bulk tweets are annoying:

You do need to tweet often, but not so often that you crowd people’s streams. Bulk tweets are definitely a source of irritation for most people and you should avoid them. Maintain a schedule for your tweets. A single tweet every hour or two, perhaps.

Link them up:

Google will show tweets on SERP. Use this to your advantage and include links in your tweets. How does this help? You give the person viewing the SERP an additional option for clicking. This, admittedly, is a long shot, but there’s a possibility that a searcher might want to click on the link part of your tweet for the novelty of it. That way, you get the visitor directly, and not via Twitter where they could easily get stuck or lost (to you).

The availability factor:

Don’t disappear all of a sudden and come back to tweet vociferously after a while. That is unstable behavior, and while it may be tolerated in an individual, a brand indulging in it is highly suspect. Are you going out of business from time to time? Hopefully not, but that’s the kind of impression you will be giving if you don’t cultivate a regular presence. That could mean once a month or twice a week. Naturally, we’d suggest the latter if not oftener; here too, the main factor is consistency. “Be a stable presence and people will see you as a brand they can trust”.

Our list is not exhaustive, and you will figure out other useful things on your own as time passes, but you should probably always bear in mind these basic Twitter activities that help you to build your brand online, and then add to them or expand upon them if possible.


Author Bio:

Robert Bryant is an online consultant for Foley Cat – backup power generators. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing etc.

7 Sites From Where You May Get Royalty Free Images

You obviously can’t have a blog without images. Images hold your audience and liven up otherwise dull blocks of text. Images add color and life to your articles and strategically placed images will hold a visitor long enough to lower your bounce rate. You can also figure in image searches if you have alt-tagged properly. 

But how do you get so many images? You could click them, of course, but unless you are a pro, that is not a practical solution. If you are an artist, you could paint and draw your own images, but even then, you’d need the occasional professional quality photograph.


You can download watermarked low quality images from various sites, but who likes to see watermarks? You know you don’t! Here’s good news for you: so long as you are willing to give credit where it is due, there are at least 7 different sites where you may get royalty free images – all professional quality and high resolution – for free or at ridiculously low prices.

Just to clarify: royalty free does not necessarily mean free of cost. It only means you can use them. There are terms and conditions, and you should make it a habit to read them before you decide to download and use an image.

1. Dreamstime.Com

This site has free and low paying options plus a referral system and a message board. If you are a photographer, you can contribute free image(s) and build a nice portfolio. Author and site attribution is necessary, as in (almost) all cases. When you search for a certain image and click on a thumbnail, you are given additional choices of similar images. A nice site, overall – requires registration (username, password and email) to download.

2. Photopin.CC

An excellent site that draws its images from Flickr. Everything is free, with a wide range of subjects, professional quality photographs and an easy to use interface. You may not need another site unless you are looking for something rare.

3. Imagesafter.Com

Here, you will find free photos and textures for download. What makes this site stand out is the fact that you can also alter and redistribute what you download so long as you are not selling to competitor sites. That sounds very nice and comfy, but you should also read the fine print – which is displayed openly as the ‘terms’ link in the home page. It says that you, the downloader, are liable for any lawsuit arising out of your use of the images / textures!


For contributors, the warning is that if they upload an image to which they do not have complete rights, they are going to be liable for legal consequences that may arise later. It is difficult to assess the risks, but probably worth a try.

4. stock.XCHNG (sxc.hu)

The light box feature makes searches and saving your choices easy. This is a community of photographers willing to share just for the love of it. When you search free images, you will find the results in between premium results. You can decide if you’d prefer the free downloads or sift through the low priced offers from iStockphoto.com.

5. Kozzi.Com

Kozzi has stock images, vectors and professionally edited HD video clips for download, with reasonable and convenient subscription plans. You can pay as you go, or opt for fixed subscriptions if you know how many downloads you will require.


The site also features works of artists from around the world at discounted prices. The free subscription option will allow you to download whatever is offered for free, and although the choices are limited when compared to some other sites on our list, they are all high quality and worth the minute that will take you to fill out the subscription form.

6. Qualitystockphotos.Com

At $4.95 a month, this site is a steal since you can download an unlimited number of royalty free stock photos and clip art. There is also a free subscription option which you can avail of if only to get a feel of how much the site has to offer.

7. Everystockphoto.Com

When you can’t find an image you are looking for, this is the site to be at. This is actually an image search engine, and will search the Web for free photos. To use a word currently in vogue, this one’s truly Awesome!

With these 7 sites in your repertoire, there’s very little chance that you will ever need to go anywhere else. And if you are lucky, you could get away with not ever paying a cent for whatever you put on your blog. Only, remember always to read and respect the respective licenses.


Author Bio:

Robert Bryant is an online consultant for cuffsmart – captain america cufflinks shield. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing etc.

Content marketing vs. link building

Marketing is the most important thing when it comes to business around the globe. And online marketing can be seen as one of the marketing strategies that is recommended by many marketing gurus. It has become the easiest and the most convenient way of marketing a brand or a company.

From all the SEO tactics that are used around the world, link building and content marketing have proved to be the most successful ones. Though link building has maintained its authority in the online marketing for a long period of time, content marketing has also been able to achieve great success within a relatively short period of time. In today’s SEO world, these two have become extremely important, and they cannot exist without each other. In simple terms, you would not get visitors to your website even though you have the greatest content, if you don’t have a good link building strategy and vice versa.

However, most experts say that content marketing is getting better at increasing market of a brand than link building because people are getting tired of just running around the Internet. Content marketing helps people to gain more knowledge while buying something. It helps to build up and tighten the bond between a company or a brand and its customers. In addition, it is easier to measure the value of content rather than measuring the value of a link. If someone can create good content for their website it will automatically get more links, social votes, visits, which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Great content can always bring great results. If the content is about something interesting and important, people will obviously share it. And when the content is shared by the readers, it will help build confidence of the others who can see it. People are more likely to click on something that is shared by one of their friends or colleagues than on a random link on a webpage. And since the social networking services that offer these content sharing facilities are getting more and more popular every day, truly valuable content will always deliver good results.

Content marketing is also cheaper than link building. Finding a good content writer is way easier than finding a good link builder. In case you hire a link builder that uses spammy link building methods, there is a big chance of your website getting penalised. On the other hand, you can always revise the work of a content writer before you publish them, which helps you control the quality of your content. Finding a skilful copy-writer who poses creative writing abilities as well will help generate a lot of social buzz. Experts in online marketing also say that content marketing strategies are more defensible against the latest algorithm updates by search engines (mainly Google).

Making content marketing the centre of your business strategy will greatly affect the future of your brand or company. Writing creative content and sharing them online on social networks in order to build up connections is an easier and much more enjoyable way of maintaining customer loyalty than link building.


Author Bio : Sophie Taylor is a web enthusiast and a blogger who loves all things around design and technology. She is also the leading editor in her association.  She shares new, exciting and valuable information very often and now she’s focused on writing articles about SEO Company.

Tips For Kick Starting Your Facebook Page

Millions of people are using facebook as a social networking platform that connects them to their friends and business clients. People use Facebook page for numerous reasons such as sharing personal information, business information, entertainment, killing time, playing games and getting in touch with past friends.

Creating a business page on facebook will increase your business popularity and lets your potential customers get to know the benefit of using your products and services. Through Facebook you can communicate with your potential audience and get know what they have got to say and recommend for improving the quality of the products and service you offer.

These Are The Following Steps For Kick Starting Your Facebook Page

Setting Up The Facebook Page

Before setting up a Facebook page you have to focus on the important categories and select the one that matches your business requirements. You can browse the categories and see, which matches your business.

Selecting A Profile Photo

The next step is to select a profile photo for the setting up process. Since you are creating a business page it would be recommended to put your company logo as your business pages profile photo so that people recognizes your brand and become familiar with it.

Cover Photo

This is the most important section of your Facebook business page. Make sure that your cover photo is attractive and get as many likes as possible. The cover photo should be placed in such a way that it draws the attention of people. Most of the past rules of Facebook are not in effect currently, which allows you to add your contact information, business name and also add text that gives information about your business.

Getting Fans

A Facebook page is empty without any likes and fans. Before you are calling the actors make sure that you have some likes and fans on your business Facebook page. Inviting your clients for liking your Facebook business page would be the biggest mistake instead of this you can send notifications to your family and friends and also the people, who are friendly to you and are happy in supporting your business. You can also mail your friends and family members by inviting them to like your business Facebook page.

Promoting Your Facebook Page On Different Channels

Once your business Facebook page starts growing and has at least 100 fans, who like the business page the next step is to try other options for extending your online presence.

Email Campaign

An email campaign can communicate to your clients about your Facebook business page and enable them to get updates and keeping in touch.


Always remember one thing Facebook is not only about promoting your products but also about interacting with your potential clients. You have to keep finding your potential clients rather than waiting for them.

Last but not the least; make sure that your business page has enough good comments that can be viewed by the visitors.

How internet marketing improves the law firm business

The internet has become vital for the survival of businesses in various industries, including a law firm. Whether it is just one practitioner or a multi-office international law firm, if you have a law firm and are looking to grow locally, nationally, or even internationally, you need a well-developed website.

The internet can be the best platform to communicate with new and existing customers, provide clients with efficient services, and improve collaboration between clients and lawyers.

Here are some ways internet marketing can improve a law firm business.

Greater brand awareness

Internet marketing can significantly improve the brand awareness of your law firm business. In fact, most companies believe online marketing to be the new age of brand development.

In internet marketing, you publish content on your website and other sites and improve your web presence to reach out to a worldwide audience. You can also educate, interest, and engage your audience through the Internet.

Social media in particular can help shape a positive brand image for your law firm business. Today’s news, views, and culture is the result of a constant 24/7 feed of social media content. In order to be visible as a brand, you need to be part of this online content.

24/7 business convenience

Internet marketing allows you to keep your law firm business open 24 hours a day, seven days a week without worrying about business hours or overtime payments for your staff.

You can offer your services on the internet, available whenever and wherever your clients want them. This means that, through the internet your clients can contact you or request for a consultation at any time that is convenient for them.

Lead generation

Lead generation helps in building interest in your services and it is a crucial step to getting more clients for your law firm business. Internet marketing helps improve your lead generation strategy because you have a much larger audience that you can reach.

Let’s assume that 20 percent of the people you contact turn into lead. Traditional marketing may help you reach 100 people and convert 20 of them into leads, but internet marketing gives an audience of 100,000 and gives you 20,000 of them as leads.

Social media presence

Much of everyday communication and information gathering is done on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and of course blogs. They play an important role in global society, which is why quite a few companies have made their presence felt on these websites.

Internet marketing allows you to take your law firm businesses beyond the doors of your offices and onto social media to engage with relevant audiences. The right internet marketing strategy gets you customer loyalty and success.

Establish yourself as a leader

It is great to build your brand image as a law firm business, but internet marketing also helps you build your image as a market leader. The right content and the right marketing strategy let people know that you know what you are talking about and you are a leader in your respective branch of law.

Increasing Profits Through Small Business SEO

The desire of every investor is to make the most profits in any investment. However, due to the uncertain nature of the market, chances of ending with losses are high. There are a number of methods you can use to increase profits while at the same time cutting down on expenses such as employing a range of small business SEO tools to increase the effectiveness of your webpage’s.

The most important thing to do is promote your products and services to the prospective clients. This is achieved through marketing. To most investors, the most effective marketing strategy is to get their product information out to them masses. The use of inexpensive product promotion methods could give you the right clientele within a fraction of the time. In your marketing strategies, counter the performance of individual options and do away with the ineffective strategies.

Taking proper care of your customers is paramount. To increase your profits, you must ensure that your clients come back for more. This is only achievable when you take time to guarantee your new and old clients get personalized support. Achieving this goal calls for the need to offer a great customer support service that addresses the questions of individual clients professionally. Additionally, you will need to strive to bring the best quality products to your clients. When your clients feel well cared for, they will be compelled to spread the word and come back for more. As a result, your sales levels will increase.

Countering your competition is another great method you can use to increase profits. To make more sales, you must look at what your competitors are doing. This will help counteract their actions and do more to lure more clients. Research is crucial in this step. You need to keep a keen eye on the latest developments in the market and embrace options that promise superior results. Researching what keywords are trending, popular hashtags and other popular items are a good way to keep your SEO strategy up to date.

The pricing of your products will also influence the level of profits you make. Some investors think that the more expensive their products are, the higher the level of profits they will make. With the prevailing economic climate, buyers are in dire need of affordable products. When your products are affordable, shoppers will be able to buy more thus leading to more sales that will cover for the reduced price. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that an extremely low price might be judged as a sign of poor quality. Give a considerable price that is substantial and one that does not lead you to financial problems.

Lastly, if you must borrow money, only do so when you must. Debts have been found to be the main cause of business downfalls. You need to rely on the money you make whenever possible. Additionally, in the case of losses, restrain from chasing after past losses. This can result in reckless decisions that lead in undesirable outcomes.

Benefits of hiring a freelance health writer for your health website

Whether your website is related to health or some other topic, it needs to have fresh, unique, and interesting written content all the time. The creative nature of written content, however, means that the content quality can range from illegible to well-structured and insightful literature. Even when you are just covering health subjects, you can find writers who fit somewhere in this range.

The quality of content written does not just depend on writers; it also depends on the website owner and how he or she approaching writing on the website. Many of them write for their own site, which is great if you are good at it. On the other hand, if most of your expertise lies in marketing, web development, and web design, you are better off hiring a freelance health writer to handle the content of your website. Here are some other benefits of hiring a freelance writer.


You get people who are more qualified for the job

Hiring a freelance health writer optimizing the work for everyone else involved in your website. The freelancer can get you attractive, engaging, and well-written content, and the rest of your website team can do what they do best. If you are the only one managing the website, you are free to handle the optimization and design of the website.

Many people consider it bad for the website to outsource the writing work, but the truth is completely opposite. It is actually better for business because you get better content that what you would get if the writing was done in-house. When you hand over the writing task to someone who is more capable and qualified for the job, you can focus on the other aspects of website management without worries.

Great writing is great business

When you hire a capable and qualified freelance health writer, you get content that is interesting and appropriately engages your target audience, which is good for your website. If you do not have experience in writing yourself, you end up writing sloppy or poorly planned content that sends mixed messages about your website. This is a really important point to consider if your health website is your primary business.

Content is critical to the success of your website because it is the first thing that people see on your website. With creative writing, you communicate better with readers.

Hiring a freelancer health writer does not mean you lose control of the content on your website either. Even if you hire someone to do the writing, the final content has to pass through you and you get to decide whether it is acceptable or not. If you stick to the same writer for a long time, constructive communication and criticism can help the writer adjust to the overall theme of your website.

Limited involvement of the writer

One of the most appealing benefits of hiring a freelance health writer is that the writer has limited involvement in your website, even though he or she is responsible for the content on your site. You do not have to worry about managing your payroll by hiring a fulltime writer- all you need is a basic contract for you and the writer that outlines the service required and the timeline of that service.

How to Design Your Website to be SEO Friendly

By Sarah Hess

These days, many businesses have gotten the message.  It’s not enough to just have a website on the internet anymore. You need that website to be found.  And how does a business ensure they’re found on the internet? They can use many tools, but one of the most effective is SEO, or search engine optimization.  Using SEO, a business can boost their website higher in search engine results and become visible to more consumers.  But often, the SEO process is hindered by poor website design and planning.  Many business owners don’t know that outdated website design techniques or their cluttered vision could be preventing their website from ranking on the first page of search engines like Google.  In my San Diego web design firm, we advocate doing the website right the first time to allow for future off site SEO tactics to be successful.  Let’s examine how business owners can proactively design their website to be SEO friendly, creating an opportunity for offsite SEO techniques to be effective.

Design Your Website to be SEO Friendly- Don’t Clutter the Site

When it comes to designing a website, many business owners are so full of ideas that they want their web design firm to throw in everything including the proverbial kitchen sink.  In an effort to please the client, this can lead to cluttered navigation and sites brimming with content that may not be SEO friendly.  Instead, as web designers, we often have to take a step back and keep the big picture in mind.  That big picture is how the website will be found or the SEO.  To avoid these unfriendly SEO sites, here’s some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Use clean navigation.  Websites that are hard to navigate or that have broken links are not SEO friendly.  From a user standpoint, hard to navigate sites can drive users away as well. Take the time to ensure your navigation is easy and flows well.
  • Feature SEO’d text content.  The text content on your website is very important. You need to have enough text to be considered valuable and informative to both users and search engines while also using a mixture of enough keywords to give the search engine bots an idea what your website is about and how deserving it is of being placed higher in the rankings.  In my own San Diego web design firm, we advocate using a keyword density of approximately 8% so as to still appear natural.
  • Original content.  If your content is duplicate, then you could incur penalties from search engines that will drive your site down. Take the time in the creation stage to ensure that you feature only original content.
  • Clean up those meta tags!  Meta tags are seen by both search engine bots and consumers.  These give a good indication of what your website is about and you should use these to your advantage, featuring natural keywords for the business.
  • If you’re using images and videos, ensure those image tags feature alt text to signal to search engine bots what the site is about.

I follow all of these same ideas when I do my San Diego website design.  I advise business owners to make a checklist and see where their website design may be lacking.

Plan Your Design for Future Success

When you take the time to think it out, you can plan out a website design that takes future successes into account.  In my own San Diego web design firm, we try to anticipate how the website may be used to support offsite SEO later. Often, we have great success with this method and encourage business owners to similarly put together a plan.

About the Author:  Sarah Hess is the owner of Sarah Hess Designs, a San Diego web design firm.  She specializes in professional websites that businesses can be proud of and which convert traffic into sales.  To connect with Sarah, please visit http://www.sarahhessdesigns.com


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